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FSS provides Licensed, Insured, Private Security Guards for Stores, Malls, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks, School Campuses, Special Events, Personal Protection and Anywhere Heightened Security is needed.

Federal Security Services


Federal Security Services was founded by two executives with a  combined 40 years Experience in the Security and Protection Industry.

Patrick Corcoran, President —


Patrick  Corcoran has been in the security industry for 20 years. During this  time Mr. Corcoran has worked for international and regional companies.  Starting out as a police officer, he then joined the Marine Corps and  was part of the security forces which included anti-terrorist duties. 

After the Gulf War, Mr. Corcoran returned to the  security field in the private sector. He sold, started, ran, and  provided quality assurance for a wide range of accounts in all different  types of industries. Mr. Corcoran believes every account deserves to be  treated in the same manner no matter what the size. He started Federal  Security Services, Inc. with the intention of providing well-trained  personnel and excellent customer service at a competitive price for all  clients

In Memoriam


 Garry L. Zeigler
  1950 - 2015 

Founding member of our "family" business


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Federal Security Services, Inc.

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